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A precious gift of Craniosacral Therapy


A precious gift of Craniosacral Therapy: As many of you will know Charlotte has suffered with reflux since she was born & although the transition to a dairy free diet & medication has significantly helped, I still felt that she just wasn't happy. My sister told me about her friend Tracey who's two boys with reflux had been treated with Cranio-sacral Therapy by a wonderful man called Richard Davison in the local village of Balcombe. Richard is so committed to helping babies that he treats them for free, for the first & sometimes the only session that is required. 20140120-215933.jpg I took Charlotte along for the Craniosacral Therapy last Tuesday & was met by Richard, a very calm & friendly man who I instantly felt relaxed with. Richard welcomed us into his home & I was surprisingly at ease despite Charlotte screaming throughout the entire treatment & vomiting all over him. The treatment is very gentle & Richard was very reassuring, talking to me about previous cases similar to Charlotte & telling me the wonderful success stories. He did warn me that Charlotte would gradually improve over the next few weeks & things would more then likely get a little worse before they got better. I was pre-warned about the pending huge nappies & told to expect lots of wind. Thankfully I was pre-warned as the nappies were explosive & the wind too, who would have thought such a gentle treatment could stir up so much activity!

I returned this week for our second treatment and have to say, what a remarkable difference. Charlotte was happy, smiley & even giggling throughout the treatment. It was so very lovely to see my daughter looking so happy, the pained look finally removed from her face. Charlotte is SO much happier her skin is clear & she just seems so much more settled. Richard is delighted with Charlottes progress & said unless she's still uncomfortable in a few weeks there is no need for more treatment. As I am writing this Daddy is playing with Charlotte & the two of them are giggling away. Thank you SO much Richard for donating your precious time to help our daughter, such a selfless act of kindness & a precious gift!

20140120-214951.jpg If you would like to find out more about Craniosacral Therapy click here, Michelle X