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Celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary at South Lodge



Celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary at South Lodge: Our anniversary breakfast may have been coffee & toast watching Disney Cars at 8.00am but after dropping the children off to auntie Lisa & uncle Michael we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary (18 years together) with lunch at the beautiful South Lodge hotel. Upon arrival Ben ordered two ice cold glasses of Perrier Jouet Champage which we enjoyed looking out at the beautiful views from the terrace whilst reading the menu. We decided to try The Camellia restaurant, The Sunday lunch menu is £29.50 & even as a dairy free diner I really was given a lovely choice of dishes, which to be honest doesn't happen in many places. Our meal was faultlessly delicious, beautifully presented & made even more special when the head chef Steven Edwards (who had recently won MasterChef: The Professional 2013), popped out to say happy anniversary & serve us our main course. The staff were very lovely, attentive & also very accommodating when we wanted to take our coffees on to the lawn & soak up the sun rays on the deck chairs, we really had the perfect day! I don't often get much time alone with my hubby during the day as we are so busy with the children, but I have to say it really was fabulous to have some special time for us. A special thank you to my sister & Michael for looking after the Children & to our gorgeous friends Will & Cherry who bought me a South Lodge voucher for my birthday, we had a wonderful time! Michelle X

Mastitis, ouch!



Mastitis, ouch! The good news is that Charlotte is finally sleeping through again (Thank you Lucie for the pep talk), the bad news is that I became very engorged when Charlotte didn't wake up for a feed & didn't express & ended up getting mastitis, ouch! I first noticed a hard lump in my breast which I assumed was because of the engorgement but it became more & more painful as the days went by. I eventually popped to the doctors & a quick examination confirmed that I did have mastitis. The doctor prescribed a breastfeeding friendly antibiotic & advised me to continue feeding through the pain, which has luckily helped. I must admit I didn't expect to get mastitis 9 months into breast feeding but apparently it's quite common if your baby starts suddenly sleeping through.

I have found hot & cold compresses really soothing & someone recommended sleeping in Savoy cabbage leaves but I've been quite exhausted & haven't quite made it to the shops to get one yet. It's always advisable to see your doctor if you suspect you have mastitis or notice any lumps in your breast. I found some great information on the baby centre about mastitis which is well worth reading.

What is mastitis? Mastitis is an inflammation in your breast tissues. The inflammation may quickly become an infection, which means that bacteria grow in the inflamed tissues. You may notice that areas of your breasts are: red hard sore hot swollen

You may also feel a lump, called a blocked duct, though it isn’t caused by an actual blockage. It's the build-up of milk in your breast that causes the tissue to become inflamed.

If you have a blocked duct, the hard area on your breast will probably feel wedge-shaped because the duct, and its nearby ductules and alveoli, will have become inflamed.

You may also have flu-like symptoms, such as: chills a headache a temperature of more than 38.5 degrees C exhaustion

About one in 10 breastfeeding mums get mastitis, and some bottle-feeding mums do, too.

Having mastitis can be a miserable experience, but with the right approach, it can be cleared up quickly. It's usually only in one breast, but it's possible to have it in both breasts at the same time. Unfortunately, you can get mastitis more than once.

To read more about mastitis click this link: The baby centre

If you have any tips you would like to share I'd love to hear them! Thank you in advance, Michelle X


A hot date with my boy


A hot date with my boy: A hot date with my boy, this means Mummy & Oliver time, a special treat for Oliver (usually a cake or biscuit) & some time for us to have a proper chat out of the house. Yesterday Charlotte had a meeting with the dietician & I knew this would involve lots of patience from Oliver in hospital so promised him a very special milkshake afterwards. 20140718-212216-76936265.jpg We found Shakeaway in the Brighton lanes & to Oliver's absolute joy they made a Freddo milkshake, I have to admit I would never normally let him have a milkshake, trust me when I say he's naturally full of beans & does not need any additional energy bursts but he had been exceptionally fabulous so a very special treat was needed.

20140718-212217-76937010.jpg Oliver was in absolute heaven with his Freddo milkshake, he sat very quietly with a huge grin on his face the entire time. Shakeaway was very clean & the wonderful staff were very helpful, friendly & kept us entertained with great music & the odd little jig. The staff were happy to heat up Charlottes lunch & I have to admit I will be returning, they even have soya milk for those of you that are dairy free.

20140718-212219-76939103.jpg Oliver's was SO happy & his smile was worth the additional burst of energy, it kept us scooting along through the lanes whilst mummy nipped into infinity foods for some dairy free treats. We finished off the day meeting up with Daddy after work for fish & chips on the beach & a paddle in the water, perfect! Michelle X

No crispy blanket for MY new born baby!


No crispy blanket for MY new born baby! As a new mummy to be I was very excited to go shopping & purchase all of the gorgeous things on my 'essential baby list' it was such an exciting day, Ben drove me straight from my 20 week scan to a well known department store & we 'Oh'd & Ah'd' at all of the cute little clothes & beautiful toys, that is until we reached the Cellular blankets....


I searched for a sales assistant & queried if I'd selected the right item, it said on the top of my personally researched list 'Cellular blanket' but all I could find on the shelves were pastel crispy blankets with holes in them? The sales assistant kindly confirmed that they were in fact the right blankets & reiterated the small holes in them keep your baby warm, without the danger of them overheating. I'm a very conscious of safety for babies & reluctantly purchased a few packets of the crispy blankets for my bulging bump but wasn't happy...

When we arrived home I decided to ask lots of mummies about the Cellular blankets & they all agreed that these blankets were a very necessary item, but let's be honest they are not pretty! 6 months after having Oliver I was still unhappy about the blanket I used daily & luckily Daisy agreed that the cellular blanket really was due a revamp & the first product in our baby range agreed!

Abeille Cellular blankets are not the basic, bland, crispy pieces of material that you are told to buy on your baby list. Abeille Cellular blankets are Simple – YES… Beautiful – YES… Essential – YES. We have taken a simple, essential blanket and transformed it by using a beautiful colour pallet, increased the weight to make it bouncy and soft on your babies skin. We can't wait to share them with you, No more crispy blankets for newborn babies! Essential items do not have to be basic, the ABEILLE mummies have created the perfect layer!!! Michelle X 20140711-215037-78637862.jpg

The Mid summer ball supporting the Rocking horse appeal


The Mid summer ball supporting the Rocking horse appeal Last year we attended the ball with the wonderful Skerritts team. It was so much fun and for such a good cause that my family (through the Crabtree) decided to get a table to ourselves. Michelle my BBP (best business partner - or beautiful business partner!) and her husband Ben, My sister and her boyfriend James, my brother and his girlfriend Katy and mum and dad all made up a table for 10. 20140625-170555-61555416.jpg This years theme was Brazilian and the dancers were amazing. They did a 'Strictly come dancing' type of contest which Richard was entered into by his lovely wife Heidi.... With lots of rehersing his efforts paid off and he won! Richard personally raised nearly £10,000 just for the dancing alone but didn't quite reach his target, heres his link if you would like to donate. 20140625-170555-61555052.jpg The Rocking horse appeal is such a great charity that touches most people at some point in their lives. Check out their web site for more information or to make a donation. 20140625-170555-61555235.jpg There was a really fun dress up photobooth which we all got some shots, Mollie and James particularly loved it... 20140625-170554-61554864.jpg The bumper cars seem to have been standard every year which is great fun... Michelle was quite the wizz kid! Not competative at all.... 20140625-170554-61554675.jpg If you are every stuck for a charity to support then contact these guys, you know it will always go to a good cause. Fingers crossed next year Abeille will be booming and we will be able to have our own table! Daisy x