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Flossie has a new buddy


Flossie has a new buddy On Florence's actual birthday we had the family round in the afternoon. Her uncle Kris has a bit of a reputation for turning up late to nearly everything. So 2 hours after everyone else has arrived we hear a knock at the door and we know who it's going to be-everyone else is already here! But to our surprise He is not alone, with a big smile on his face, a bag in one hand, a tiny ball of fur in the other. My head spins to Jon who is not easily dumbfounded and back to Kris. Florence rushed over beaming, unable to control her excitement, and Kris hands over the little kitten. Florence has a permanent smile spread over her face and immediately calls the kitten 'Tooie'. 20130630-195538.jpg I have no idea how she came up with the name, It could be that we have mentioned two a lot being her 2nd birthday. 20130630-195627.jpg It was a struggle to get her to part with her real life cuddly toy-there was a lot of tears, and 2 weeks later Florence wakes up and immediately wants to play. 20130630-195612.jpg Thankfully the kitten seems to enjoy Florence as well and they chase each other round the house! 20130630-195640.jpg She no longer asks for "Tumble" every minute she is not busy doing something with her friends, which is a relief and although it is hard work for me whilst the kitten cannot leave the house, it is a great life experience for Florence, so this time we will keep the pet-Thankyou Kris and Mu.

Daisy x