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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

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Keeping cool in the summer


Keeping cool in the summer: I just adore this hot weather, sunshine all day & we can spend so much time out doors but let's be honest the children can get grumpy if they get too hot.20140723-232114-84074810.jpg Plenty of sun cream & ditch the clothes: In this weather I think clothes can be too hot so I tend to slather on the factor 50 suncream & let the children enjoy the cool breeze. 20140723-232114-84074033.jpg Sun hat is a must: you can't beat a good sun hat to protect precious little faces, I bought this one from my favourite shop - Jojo maman bebe 20140723-232115-84075508.jpg Good nights sleep: Keeping the children's bedrooms cool is key, so early afternoon I close the blinds & shutters upstairs in preparation for bedtime & if its really hot I pop a bowl of iced water in front of a fan & shut the door (it works like air conditioning).

Alfresco bath: I've starting using my small inflatable bath again in the evenings & wanted to re-share my post as a reminder of a fun & easy way to bath the children & keep them entertained - Alfresco bath

Keeping cool at bedtime: Daisy also shared a great post with tips for keeping cool at bedtime - Keeping cool at bedtime

Now the summer holidays have arrived I will share lots of fun free activities to do with children in this beautiful hot weather, so stay tuned for some fresh ideas… Michelle X

No crispy blanket for MY new born baby!


No crispy blanket for MY new born baby! As a new mummy to be I was very excited to go shopping & purchase all of the gorgeous things on my 'essential baby list' it was such an exciting day, Ben drove me straight from my 20 week scan to a well known department store & we 'Oh'd & Ah'd' at all of the cute little clothes & beautiful toys, that is until we reached the Cellular blankets....


I searched for a sales assistant & queried if I'd selected the right item, it said on the top of my personally researched list 'Cellular blanket' but all I could find on the shelves were pastel crispy blankets with holes in them? The sales assistant kindly confirmed that they were in fact the right blankets & reiterated the small holes in them keep your baby warm, without the danger of them overheating. I'm a very conscious of safety for babies & reluctantly purchased a few packets of the crispy blankets for my bulging bump but wasn't happy...

When we arrived home I decided to ask lots of mummies about the Cellular blankets & they all agreed that these blankets were a very necessary item, but let's be honest they are not pretty! 6 months after having Oliver I was still unhappy about the blanket I used daily & luckily Daisy agreed that the cellular blanket really was due a revamp & the first product in our baby range agreed!

Abeille Cellular blankets are not the basic, bland, crispy pieces of material that you are told to buy on your baby list. Abeille Cellular blankets are Simple – YES… Beautiful – YES… Essential – YES. We have taken a simple, essential blanket and transformed it by using a beautiful colour pallet, increased the weight to make it bouncy and soft on your babies skin. We can't wait to share them with you, No more crispy blankets for newborn babies! Essential items do not have to be basic, the ABEILLE mummies have created the perfect layer!!! Michelle X 20140711-215037-78637862.jpg

Goodbye daytime nap & bottle


Goodbye daytime nap & bottle: Ok, Ok, Ok I've finally conceded after trying all manner of approaches & have ditched the daytime nap. We tried the 12pm nap, the 1.5hr nap & even an hour nap but Oliver was still wide awake at 8.30 & not sleeping until around 9. Hubby & I spent most evenings last week In the hallway upstairs going back & forth putting him back into his bed . Ben was very patient & waited for me to cave in rather then saying I told you so....20140201-210220.jpg I also decided it was time for the bottle to go too. Oliver has still been having a bottle of water at nap/bed time & I was worried that he wouldn't nap if he didn't have the bottle; however now the nap was going the bottle could go too. I didn't discuss the daytime nap going with Oliver as I didn't want to make a big issue out of it, instead on the first day I just told him we would have some quiet time. It was actually much easier than I had anticipated, Oliver just played quietly in the lounge whilst we watched some tv. I really did expect him to beg to go to sleep but it just didn't happen. I was very surprised! 20140201-205939.jpg We decided to tell Oliver that the bottles would be collected by the bottle fairies & given to small babies. Just like Father Christmas the fairies would come down the chimney & collect the bottles, leaving a big boys present as a Thank you. So we got Oliver to put all of the bottles into the bag & put them all beside the fire with a note. I was expecting a big tantrum but it just didn't happen. We have been limiting Oliver to one bottle at bedtime which he promptly drank, so in all honesty I think he's been actually getting to sleep without it for a while. The next morning we rushed Oliver downstairs to see if the bottles had been taken & he was delighted to receive new cars & a Thank you note from the fairies. 20140201-205930.jpg If I said it wasn't heart wrenching I would be lying, I really do feel like my baby boy is growing up & I have really struggled to take this step as I want him to be my baby forever. Oliver has said a few times that he's not a big boy & wants his bottle, but to be honest he really hasn't made a big thing about it. It's been 3 days & so far so good, Oliver is sleeping well & the usual 5-6am wake-up time is now 6.30-7.30 which is fabulous. I'm still finding my feet with no day time nap but I'll keep you posted with the progress! Michelle X

Babasac - Baby sleeping bag


Babasac - Baby sleeping bag: I was sent this gorgeous Babasac as a gift for Charlotte & I just had to share it with you. Babasac is a 2-in-1 multi tog baby sleeping bag, you can use it as a 2.5 tog sleeping bag or unfasten each layer (using the zip and velcro) to use as a 1.0 tog bag. With the current weather (one day it's gloriously sunny & mild, the next day it's arctic conditions), this sleeping bag has been fabulous as it's quick & easy to adjust the change the tog.20140123-213953.jpg About Babasac Using your Babasac is simple. Either keep the extra layers in to use as a 2.5 tog sleeping bag or unfasten each layer (using the zip and velcro) to use as a 1.0 tog bag. You can wash it with or without the layers in place. Baby sleeping bags are used by over 95% of UK parents on their babies. Your baby is kept at the right temperature all night long. Your baby will wake up warm and is therefore more likely to go back to sleep. They are safer than sheets and blankets as your baby cannot slip down inside a baby sleeping bag. Your baby’s feet won’t get stuck in the cot bars. It will help make the move from a Moses basket to a big cot much easier. When travelling or in new surroundings, your baby will always feel comfortable in their own sleeping bag. Your baby has freedom of movement. It is harder for your baby to climb out of their cot!

Babasac Features: Zip finishes at bottom for easy night changes Saves having to purchase summer weight and winter weight sleeping bags 100% cotton outer and lining Available in 3 sizes Fully tested to British Safety standards BS8510:2009 20140123-214008.jpg A Babasac would make a great gift as it can be used all year round - Buy a Babasac I especially adore the heart design as I it reminds me of the queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland... Michelle X

Is it time to ditch the day time nap


Is it time to ditch the day time nap: Those of you who know me will understand what a big deal this is, the sacred day time nap, my few hours of respite & time for a cheeky 40 winks.20140116-205950.jpg Hubby has just broached 'ditch the nap' after another 5am visit from Oliver into our bed. Over the past week he has started coming in any time after 5am & not going back to sleep. This is fine for me as I have already finished feeding Lottie & fallen back into a deep sleep, waking up to a gorgeous cuddle from my boy at about 7. However hubby is not quite seeing it like that! I suppose I too would be grumpy if I was the one trying to get back to sleep next to a fidgety toddler who just wants to chat. My usually happy go lucky, mild mannered hubby has suddenly transformed into a grumpy, shouting neanderthal... Sorry darling but you really are that bad! 20140116-205958.jpg Up until now I have been in denial about dropping the lunch time nap as I treasure the rest in the afternoon, a cup of tea & a bit of food porn on the telly. But I recognise hubby needs some sleep & perhaps I wouldn't be as tired in the day if the sleep I did get was completely undisturbed. I'm going to trial a reduced nap at an earlier time & hope we see an improvement. I'm SO not ready to ditch the nap but if it doesn't improve, who knows! Fingers crossed we have no early visit from my little man & I get to keep my chill time in the afternoon... Michelle X