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The poo dance


The poo dance: I'm delighted to say the potty training has been a fabulous success & although I still carry a spare potty around we hardly need to use it as Oliver's bladder control is much better. We had a great start with the number 2's and then for some reason Oliver developed a fear of the poop.Potty training This was very upsetting to watch him say he needed to go & then dance around not wanting to sit down on the toilet or the potty really getting quite distressed. This was not helped by the fact that we have quite a few toilets in our house & we found he would change his mind about which one he wanted to use, which meant Oliver was running between bathrooms & we where running around after him.

The poo dance which we found it referred to on-line could go on for a few days & meant myself hubby & Nanna where spending more & more time in the bathroom, trying different techniques/ reading him books to relax him. I had a greatly timed visit with a lovely Heath visitor Louise about the new baby which was very helpful as she confirmed that this fear is really quite common. I was surprised to hear that many children experience this fear & thankful to hear it soon passes. Following a discussion with the health visitor and a few of my mummy friends I made the following changes... Potty Pick a toilet/ potty position especially for number 2's Make it special with certain books which are reserved for that time (Nanna bought a great 6 book set of a Fireman Sam books which we save for this time). Pop the sticker chart in or around the area to reinforce the reward system

Poop story I made up a story about a little boy called Milo who was very brave, used the toilet and was rewarded for his poop in the toilet. Oliver seemed to enjoy the story & still tells me now how he is brave like Milo (although you can buy specific books if you prefer not to make-up a story).

High Fibre I think the main reason Oliver was scared was discomfort, so I switched to a high fibre diet, supplemented brown bread for white & put a small amount of prune juice in his apple juice (literally an inch in the bottom of the cup) which I'm sure has helped the fear as he was going more regularly.

Praise the good We had more then a few accidents during the poo dance phase but we still praised Oliver for being brave & tried our best to remain as encouraging as possible to avoid him feeling upset or embarrassed about his accidents.

The phase soon passes... I wrote this post before I had Charlotte & I'm delighted to say that today the fear has now gone. In fact I was upstairs gathering a load of washing on Friday & when I came downstairs Oliver was excited to show me the poop he had done in the potty. Oliver had taken his pants off & sat down all by himself! So don't be worried if your toddler goes through the same thing and does the poo dance, if you stay calm & preserve the phase will quickly pass. Michelle X

Potty training Florence


Potty training Florence The time has arrived and the potty that has been sitting in our bathroom for 6 months is out and in use... Yes the potty has been used! Tip: Someone advised me months ago that if you buy the potty well in advance and keep it in the house for Your toddler to play with, sit on, put dolly's on, when the time comes to start the training she is not afraid of it. Good advise!

20130713-203311.jpg We bought this fantastic potty by 'Jahgoo' It is a 3 in 1 it is a potty Potty-ToiletSeat-StepStool This gorgeous and practical 3-in-1 bath room accessory is, first and foremost, an ergonomically designed potty. The reservoir is easy to remove for uncomplicated cleaning. The removable non-slip toilet seat fits perfectly on any toilet seat. The stool can be used as a foot rest when sitting on the big toilet, or as a stand-alone step stool. When the child is fully potty trained, the stable step stool turns into a handy tool for all those hard-to-reach places around the house as it holds both children and adults. It is also great because it is higher than basic potty's so easier to get onto for your little one. I am not going to lie, for the first ever trial I said that if she managed to go to the toilet successfully she could have a treat. A treat for Florence could range from a sweetie, a piece of dark chocolate (she prefers that to milk-takes after her JaJa) or even a toy that I know she has not played with for a while that I wrapped up!! It worked, I took off her nappy and said that if she needed to go to the toilet she had to use the potty. I was busy typing up a quick blog whilst she was busy doing some drawing and suddenly she started pointing and showing me that she had done a 'poo poo in the potty'. It was heart wrenching- she was so proud and I was too. I put a couple of dark chocolate drops in her hand and the deal was done. Since then the bribes are no longer needed, we have created a pretty good happy dance-for our eyes only, which is performed after each success. 20130713-203256.jpg Flossie Doing her happy dance, too cute not to share.

I have not attempted taking her out without a nappy on yet, I think I will wait until we get to the toilet stage.. Since then she has proudly shown me when she has had success with her potty training 20130713-203320.jpg

Good luck everyone I have shared my techniques, everyone has there own ways but hope this helps a little!

Daisy x